The Workstation Sheet: an important communication tool

Induction of the temporary worker

Section C should only be completed if the user undertaking uses the workstation sheet as a registration document for the temporary worker's induction

In this case, the person in charge of the induction completes section C of the workstation sheet, notes the date and signs it.

This has to be done by a member of the hierarchical line designated by the user undertaking as the person in charge of induction.

In accordance with the legislation on well-being at work, each temporary worker must be given a welcoming moment during which the user undertaking provides the information and instructions necessary to carry out the work safely.

To prove that the reception has been carried out, the user undertaking must register the induction in a document. When welcoming temporary workers, the user undertaking can either use an internal document (for example, the one he uses for all new workers in his company) or use section C of the workstation sheet.