The Workstation Sheet: mandatory (by law)

As a user undertaking, you can fill out the “Section A” of the Online Temporary Workstation Sheet below.

Tooltips boxes (as the mouse moves over the fields to complete) guide you step by step.

Consult this checklist of items to have on hand in order to be able to fill in the workstation sheet optimally.

Once you have correctly filled out all the fields, you are able to download a completed Temporary Workstation Sheet in PDF-format to deliver to your temporary work agency.

Be careful: The online completion does not allow the data encoded in the form to be saved if you close the page before finishing it fully. Indeed, if you close the web page before completing the form completely, the data already encoded may be lost due to the erasing of your temp-files (depending on which browser you’re using and how it is configured). A * means that this field/box is mandatory. If this required field is not applicable, please indicate “not applicable” or “none”.

Section A: To be filled in by the User undertaking

1. General Information of the Company
Fill in the company (the user undertaking) number as provided by the Crossroads Bank for Enterprises. This number contains 10 digits and begins with 0 or 1.
Every company must be affiliated to an approved external service for prevention and protection at work. More information can be found (in french) at, theme "SEPP".
2. Workstation - Function
Fill in here the unique combination of numbers, letters and / or symbols that you use internally to designate a specific position or function, e.g. "order picker", "operator01", “ShePard”. This is an important part of the Temporary Workstation Sheet - Identification Number.
This refers to the creation date of the TW Sheet. Use the format ddmmyyyy to indicate the issue date of the form. Note that this sheet is based on a risk assessment for the position or function. If the content of this risk assessment remains the same and the content of the Section A of the form remains unchanged, this date may remain unchanged.
Provide a clear description. Preferably, according to the usual terminology in your company. However, make sure that the terms are understandable for a temporary work agency as well as for a temporary worker.
Fill in with enough details of all the tasks to be performed. Mention primary and secondary tasks that involve risks or need training / instructions to work safely. Unspecified tasks may not be performed.
This refers to the knowledge, skills, diplomas, certificates, number of years of experience, that are needed. WARNING: a person may have an adequate diploma, and she/he still needs some additional experience for a specific task directly linked to the workstation/function. E.g.: professional skills, VCA certificate, work at height, specialization in welding, driving license, etc.
Provide relevant information such as the production line, production facility, warehouse, itinerant work, temporary or mobile work site, working at height, in confined spaces, etc.
List the machines, tools, means of transport that may be used at the workplace. Think especially of equipment presenting some risks.
User's instructions and procedures that should be communicate to the temporary worker before starting his mission. This includes, among other things, the performance of the task, the handling of work equipment, personal protective equipment (PPE), etc. This field may also be related to the quality (of the product, for example) to be obtained or the safety to be respected.
For example: BA4 / BA5 certificate internal training (working on electrical installations), use of pallet trucks, lift truck driver (internal circulation plan), etc.
WARNING: Student workers are not allowed when the work is considered dangerous.
3. Work clothing and personal protection equipment (PPE)
Please indicate, with a specific description, the type of protective equipment required. It is not enough, for example, to indicate that gloves are needed: it is necessary to specify what type of gloves is required, whether they should be resistant to cuts, solvents or heat resistant, etc. More information (in French):
4. Maternity Protection Measures
Pregnant and breastfeeding women benefit from special protection for mother and baby. Consult your occupational physician. Fill in the details here. More info (in french) on with the circulaire 'CIF 2017 02 Protection de la maternité'.
Maternity protection
5. Advice data
Check the appropriate boxes and indicate the three corresponding dates.
Choose one of the three options: in the absence of a committee for prevention and protection at the workplace, the advice comes from the Trade Union delegation, in the absence of a trade union delegation, the advice must be obtained by the direct employee participation. Indicate the date. No signature is needed.
Soort advies
Involve the occupational physician in the preparation of the Temporary Workstation Sheet, for example to accurately determine the relevant health risks. Indicate the date of the occupational physician’s advice. A signature is not necessary.
The internal prevention advisor gives his advice on the risk assessment conclusions that forms the basis of the Temporary Workstation Sheet. Enter the date of the advice. A signature is not necessary.
6. Mandatory health surveillance
Mention all the health risks to which the temporary worker may be exposed. Ask your occupational physician for advice. As soon as a risk is present, the worker must be certified medically fit for the job by an occupational physician before he/she starts to work. All codes must be included in the identification number of the temp position job sheet. More information (in French): Les codes de risques sur la fiche poste de travail.
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