The Workstation Sheet: mandatory (by law)

The completion/establishing of the workstation sheet

The user undertaking is responsible for the content of the workstation sheet.

The user undertaking must carry out a risk assessment for each workstation in the company, including for the workstation/function in which he/she wishes to occupy a temporary worker. If this risk assessment shows that there are health risks, the creation of a workstation sheet is mandatory.

The user undertaking is the only one who can correctly identify and estimate risks and put in place appropriate preventive measures.

The temporary work agency cannot complete section A of the workstation sheet itself. It will only select the ideal temporary worker for the position to be filled using the information provided on the workstation sheet. If necessary, it will organize health surveillance.

Incomplete and incorrectly completed workstation sheets should not be accepted by the temporary work agency. The temporary work agency will ask the user undertaking to complete the missing data and will draw its attention to the importance of a properly completed workstation sheet.