Risk assessment: the key step in the establishing of the workstation sheet

In this part of the site, you will find all the useful information on the workstation sheet.

  • When is it necessary?
  • How to complete it?
  • What does the regulation say?
  • What is a risk assessment and how do we move from it to the workstation sheet?

Browse our practical tips before you start. Here is an info sheet to take stock of what you need to know about the workstation and the references of the regulations on well-being at work related to the workstation sheet.


What is a workstation sheet?

Click here to learn more about the Temporary Workstation Sheet: What is it? What information does it contain? Who completes it? Discover the important communication tool that is the workstation sheet and what exactly the identification number is. 

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From risk assessment to workstation sheet

Click here to find out how the risk assessment leads to a properly completed workstation sheet. Also find in this part of the site what the risk assessment is and access various information media.  

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Practical tips

Click here for some practical tips. User undertakings will find instructions on how to properly fill out the workstation sheet, temporary work agencies will find information on how to assess whether a form is properly completed. 

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Consult here the legislation relating to workstation sheet (from the Belgian Code of Well-being at Work X.2.).

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Information sheet

Check out the information sheet here that concisely outlines what a workstation sheet is as well as a checklist to ensure that you don't forget any important information when establishing it.

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