The Workstation Sheet: an important communication tool

The completion/establishing of the workstation sheet

According to the legislation on well-being at work, the user undertaking is required to ensure that the temporary worker has adequate safety shoes if the risk assessment shows that they are necessary for this workstation.

In some cases, the temporary work agency concludes a contractual agreement with the user undertaking in which it is agreed that the agency will provide the temporary worker with the safety shoes. In this case, it is of course very important that the agency provides the appropriate safety shoes for the types of risks. The type of safety shoes must therefore be indicated on the workstation sheet (S1, S2, S3, etc.) as well as other relevant information (e. g. high or low shoes).

Even if such a contractual agreement is concluded, it is up to the user undertaking to ensure that the temporary worker has and wears the right type of safety shoes.