The Workstation Sheet: mandatory (by law)

User undertakings will find here: some practical tips for filling out the workstation sheet quickly and efficiently; temporary work agencies; points of concern for verification and proper use of the sheet. 

Tips for users undertaking

  • Make sure that the workstation sheet evolves with the tasks of the temporary worker. Other tasks often involve other risks, also requiring an adjusted workstation sheet. Ensure that there is good communication on this subject with the temporary work agency and the temporary worker.
  • Ask your PPW external service for help with the risk assessment. This mission is part of their mandatory tasks.
  • Be proactive: seek advice from the Prevention Advisor - Occupational Physician and the PPW Committee's advice on all workstations/functions for which you are considering hiring a temporary worker.
  • Distinguish between health risks (safety function, load handling, noise, etc.) for which medical surveillance may be required, and general risks that cause accidents (falls, cuts, burns, etc.).
  • Only indicate the relevant health risks,  for example: is load handling" a residual risk or are there ways to effectively prevent it by providing technical handling aids or adequate training of the temporary worker?
  • Use the correct references on the workstation sheet. See Code X.2 – Le travail intérimaire. The Belgian Royal Decrees of 15/12/2010 and 19/12/1997 no longer exist.
  • Pay close attention to the identification number of the workstation. Complete all sections correctly: user undertaking's CBE number, internal number (name) of the workstation or function, issue date of the workstation sheet, health risk codes. This ID number is essential in communication between all the parties concerned: user undertaking – temporary work agency – temporary worker – occupational physician. 
  • Also include the type  and properties of personal protective equipment (PPE).
  • This information is extremely important if a commercial contract stipulates, for example, that the temporary work agency has to provide safety shoes to the temporary worker. The correct and complete information ensures that the worker will wear the appropriate shoes regarding the risks.
  • Be precise and detailed enough but stay relevant.
  • Be consistent. For example: indicate the code of the "safety function" if you request the provision of a forklift operator, mention the need for training if a student worker has to work with an electrical pallet truck, indicate tetanus vaccination for an employee of a poultry farm, etc.
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Tips for Temporary Work Agency

  • As a consultant in a TWA, never complete the workstation sheet yourself.
  • Check whether at least all the legally required information has been noted on the workstation sheet. The PI Forms Templates can be used as a reference to know what a workstation sheet should contain.
  • Inform the user of any missing or contradictory elements on the workstation sheet. Ask them to clarify or complete the information.
  • Check if the PPW external service to which the user undertaking is affiliated is well informed.
  • Check to see if all information about the workstation sheet identification number is noted. After all, you need this number to be able to quickly search the PI-M Centralized Database. If the temporary worker must perform other tasks involving other risks from those originally identified, the Temporary Workstation Sheet must be adjusted. Be uncompromising on this point with the user undertaking and the temporary worker.
  • Check to see if the advice dates have been provided (prevention advisor, occupational physician - prevention advisor, PPW committee). This indication is a sign that the user is complying with the obligations of workplace welfare legislation (Belgian Code on Well-being).

  • Do not collaborate with user undertakings refusing to provide the right workstation sheets. 
  • Check regularly with the user undertaking to see if the workstation sheet is still up to date.
  • Take training course on the workstation sheet. PI regularly offers free training courses.
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