The Workstation Sheet: mandatory (by law)

This disclaimer applies to each visit to the three websites and documents of the Central Prevention Service for the Temporary Work Sector, Prevention and Interim, hereinafter referred to as PI (, and in all their language versions).

When consulting these sites, the Internet user explicitly accepts the provisions of this disclaimer and consents to comply with its conditions.

PI carefully sees to the creation and maintenance of these websites and ensures that all information stated there is as complete, correct, understandable, accurate and up to date as possible. Despite all these efforts, it may happen that they are not always complete, correct or sufficiently updated.

This is only general information. By using the PI sites, the visitor is aware that they may change without prior notice. Consequently, PI cannot be held responsible for the content of the documents on these sites or for their use. However, when PI is notified of errors or incompleteness of certain data or information, it will immediately improve or add the latter.

PI also strives to avoid, as soon as possible, interruptions of a technical nature. However, PI cannot guarantee that the websites are completely free from interruptions and other technical problems. Thus, PI cannot be held responsible for the temporary unavailability of these sites.

If links and/or hyperlinks are established with/to third party websites, for example using the search bar, PI is not responsible for the content and existence of these other websites. PI cannot, moreover, be held responsible for errors in the addresses or domain names on these sites nor can it be held responsible for errors in the content of these sites.

The videos and other multimedia content available on PI websites are used solely to illustrate the relevant content. All intellectual property and other rights relating to all information provided on or via these websites (including all text, logos, videos, sounds and documents) belong to PI. It is prohibited to copy, download or - in any way - publish, distribute or reproduce information from these websites, whether for commercial or non-commercial purposes, without PI's prior express and written permission. However, you may print and/or download information and documents for your personal use.


The Internet user consulting the information and documents on these PI websites waives any claim, of any nature whatsoever, concerning the information made available.


In addition, the Internet user visiting these websites consents to assume all risks related to their use, including the risk of damage to his/her computer(s), software or data due to any virus transmitted via navigation on these PI websites or as a result of consulting or using a hyperlink leading to a malicious page.

Dispute settlement

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