The Workstation Sheet: an important communication tool

In this part of the site, you will find help and tools to fill out your Temporary Workstation Sheet (TWS) correctly and as completely as possible. You can fill out your form directly using the online form or use a blank form template in interactive PDF format or WORD format.

The online form allows you to download and save your sheet in PDF. You can then forward it on to your Temporary Work Agency.

Both the online form and blank form template offer help and information at every step through tooltip boxes.

You can also consult a user undertaking manual that guides you step by step in the development of your form. A list of all the data you need to have on hand is also available. Browse it before you start!

Form templates are available in 11 languages: French, Dutch, English, German, Spanish, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Bulgarian, Turkish and Arabic.

Form templates

Here you will find the form templates in French, Dutch, German, English, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, Romanian, Bulgarian, Turkish and Arabic. 

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Complete online your workstation sheet

As a user undertaking, go to the tool here to complete the online workstation sheet. Once all fields have been correctly filled out, the temporary workstation sheet can be downloaded in PDF format and forwarded to your temporary work agency. At each step, you will find instructions to complete the sheet correctly.  

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User manual

Download here the manual that guides you step by step and field by field, in the development of your workstation sheet

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List of required data on the sheet

This list provides an overview of the data you need to complete the workstation sheet. Browse it before using the "online" form and make sure you have all the information at hand.

Warning: The online completion does not allow the data encoded in the form to be saved if you close the page before finishing it fully. Indeed, if you close the web page before completing the form entirely, the data already encoded may be lost due to the erasing of your temp-files (depends on which browser you’re using and how it is configured).

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