The Workstation Sheet: mandatory (by law)

Find here the blank forms of the Temporary Workstation Sheet (TWS) in eleven different languages.

Procedure for PDF files:

Download the form in the language of your choice (save it to your computer) and open it from the folder where it is downloaded.

Be careful, the PDF form contains several “interactive features” which will not work if you open the form directly in your web browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.).

Fill out the form correctly, box/field after box/field, regardless of the box under the title. Having followed the steps correctly, the “Temporary Workstation Sheet - Identification Number” will automatically appear at the top of the form (in the box under the previously mentioned title).

Attention, for files in WORD format: Do not forget to manually enter the contents of the coloured boxes "Company No", "Internal No", "Issue date" and "Codes" in the Temporary Workstation Sheet - Identification Number.