The Workstation Sheet: an important communication tool

At the request of the temporary work sector and the social partners, PI has developed a centralized database containing the results of the health assessments of each temporary worker subject to health surveillance.

The centralized database is called PI-M. "PI" refers to Prevention and Interim, "M" refers to "Medical Fitness".

This centralized database, created in January 2016, is accessible via the website PI is responsible for managing the database.

The confidentiality of data relating to temporary agency workers recorded in the centralized database shall be strictly respected.

How the PI-M centralized database works

After each health assessment carried out for a temporary worker, the relevant PPW external service (usually the one of the temporary work agency) reports the result of the evaluation in the centralized database. The following information shall be recorded: the identification data of the temporary worker, the health risk codes assessed and the ‘fitness' certificate as well as its period of validity or, on the contrary, the ‘unfitness' certificate.

In the final stage of the selection procedure, temporary work agencies can verify, in the centralized database, whether the temporary worker has already been declared medically fit for a job with the health risks mentioned on the workstation sheet.

If it appears that the temporary worker is still medically fit for all the health risks mentioned on the workstation sheet, the consultant may then print the fitness certificate. This certificate from the centralized database is equivalent to the "health assessment certificate" completed by an occupational physician.

This document allows the temporary worker to immediately begin his assignment with the user undertaking. Visiting the occupational physician is no longer necessary.

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Who can access the PI-M Centralized Database?

Only temporary work agencies are allowed to search the centralized database.

Prevention and Interim provides access to the centralized database to all accredited agencies affiliated to it. The contact person is the PI contact point in the temporary work agency. He/she is the only one authorized to provide access to the centralized database to agency consultants so that they can perform the necessary searches.

PPW External services that so wish can record the health assessment data of temporary workers in the PI-M Centralized Database.

The user undertakings do not have access to the information contained in the PI-M Centralized Database.

If you have any questions about PI-M, please contact

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The advantages of the PI-M Centralized Database

The temporary sector wishes, through the centralized database, to organize more effectively the health assessment for temporary workers. This is to avoid redundant health examinations and to save time and expenses associated with them. Thanks to PI-M, it is now possible to quickly check whether a temporary worker is already medically fit for a specific function or position.

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